Roanoke, VA Car Insurance

Roanoke Car Insurance: For Virginians, By Virginians

We’re Virginia-based car insurance experts that drive the same Roanoke roads you do. With that in mind, we make sure that you have the comprehensive insurance policy that you need to protect both you and your car. There’s no sacrificing coverage and protection to save some money – that’s our promise and commitment to you. 

We do not provide stand-alone auto insurance quotes, but our car insurance policies can be bundled with various coverages including home insurance, renters insurance, and more.

Roanoke, VA Car Insurance: What Matters the Most?

Traffic. Weather. Acts of God. Theft. These are all things that we consider when we are creating the right custom and comprehensive car insurance policy for you. We know what matters because we’re your neighbors, too. We consider everything that matters most to you so that you get the best competitive rates with a company and agent that you can trust. 

So, why Northern Neck Insurance? Because we’re Virginians insuring our Virginia neighbors. We’re locally owned and operated and able to provide you with localized insurance policies that protect our members like you. We drive the same roads as you do, so we know what it takes to insure your vehicles.

Roanoke Car Insurance Policy: What’s Included?

The whole reason you have a car insurance policy is for peace of mind and protection when you need it most. So, what’s included in your insurance policy?

  • Collision insurance: With a seamless claims process, your policy will cover the cost to repair or replace your car if you’re involved in an accident.
  • Non-Collision (Comprehensive) insurance: This policy option covers you in the even that your car is stolen, damaged by weather events, vandalized, or some other unforeseen issue happens.
  • Liability insurance: In case you’re responsible for an accident with another driver or an object, that means that you’re responsible for the costs of any property damage or injuries. Our liability coverage will cover these costs for you.
  • Contents & possessions: If your clothing, luggage, or other belongings are lost, stolen, or damaged while in your car, we’ll help cover the cost to replace them.


Virginia Car Insurance: Let's go local!    I'm ready for an auto quote


But Northern Neck Insurance coverage goes further

A car insurance policy from Northern Neck goes beyond simply covering damages to your car if you’re in an accident. It’s our job to help you get your life back to normal as quickly and smoothly as possible. This is where having local Virginia-based insurance can make all the difference.  

Car Insurance Discounts on Lynchburg Car Insurance

Affordable protection for your car should come standard. That’s why we offer car insurance discounts that make sense for your lifestyle and needs. Start with our reasonable rates and then save up to 20% with smart-driver discounts, including:

  • Multi-car discount
  • Home and auto bundle discount
  • Good student discount
  • Car safety equipment discount
  • Anti-theft device discount

Our Virginia insurance offerings go beyond car insurance, we also offer Virginia homeowners insurance, renters insurance in Virginians, and personal umbrella protection for those unexpected moments in life.