Virginia Homeowners Insurance


Homeowners Insurance for Virginians, by Virginians    

More Coverage for Your Virginia Home

Homeowners insurance is there to protect your future. That's why we have created some of the best home coverages in the Commonwealth of Virginia. When you have a loss that is covered by a Northern Neck policy*, we will pay to: 

  • Rebuild or repair your home after a fire or major storm 
  • Replace your belongings if destroyed or stolen
  • Pay for injuries and damages that occur on your property
  • Cover your housing expenses if you cannot live in your home


Virginians Helping Virginians: Local help, when and where you need it. 

Imagine having a wise neighbor to guide you on all things insurance-related. From "am I covered?" to "is this a good rate?" to "a tree fell on my house, now what?" When you call our team, either at our headquarters or one of our licensed independent agents across Virginia, you'll get a friendly, local expert ready to help you with: 

  • Filing claims
  • Getting things repaired or replaced
  • Coverage questions
  • Tips on protecting your home, saving money, and more.

Whether you're just getting started, or you've been a homeowner for years, we're your Virginia insurance experts. 

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Good rates, smart discounts. 

Virginia homeowners insurance shouldn't break your budget. Save where you can, invest where it counts. If you take care of your home, you'll earn special member discounts on top of our already affordable rates, such as: 

  • Bundling your coverages
  • Safety equipment
  • Loyalty discounts


Special circumstances? No problem. 

We understand that the unexpected happens. We love working with members to address their individual needs. Here are common coverages that members often choose: 

  • Temporary living arrangements If your home is no longer habitable due to a covered loss
  • Tree and debris removal after a storm
  • Cyber protection for your data and personal identity
  • Power, water, and sewer lines running to your home — plus cable and data lines
  • Repairs due to breakdown of household equipment like heating and air conditioning units, whole house generators, dishwasters, wall ovens, and more. 
  • Earthquake damage to your home


From heartbreak to home. 

Long-time members and Virginia residents Ricky and Sandy Harper found their way back home after a devastating house fire.  


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Good Counsel is Key - Our goal is to be helpful, but this information is never intended to replace the counsel of a licensed insurance advisor. Coverage varies from carrier to carrier and policy to policy. Claims are subject to the terms of your individual policy and are evaluated for coverage based on individual loss facts. Always seek the advice of an insurance professional when it comes to decisions and answers about your coverage. We’re happy to connect you with our knowledgeable insurance experts or an independent agent in your Virginia community.