Member FAQ


  • Can I report a claim online?

    Yes! You can report a claim by calling your local agent, calling our 24/7 Claims Hotline 877-968-7252 or in your online account:

    1. Log into your Member Portal account.
    2. Click Report Claim. (On mobile first tap on three blue lines in the top left corner)
    3. Select what type of loss you experienced from the drop-down menu.
    4. Enter the date of the incident.
    5. Enter the time of the incident.
    6. Complete the form with additional information.
    7. Verify your contact information.
    8. Upload relevant files and pictures.
    9. Submit your claim.
    10. A claims adjuster will contact you within 24 business hours. 
  • What is the Home Insurance Claims Process?

    Visit the Report an Insurance Claim page and scroll to the bottom to learn more.

  • What is the Auto Insurance Claims Process?

    Visit the Report an Insurance Claim page and scroll to the bottom to learn more.

  • What should I do if my home is not livable after damage?

    Call your local insurance agent and report your claim first. Take photos/videos of damage if possible. Then, if it's safe, secure the premises or hire a professional to make temporary repairs such as boarding up windows, tarping the roof, etc., to prevent further damage.  Communicate with your agent/claims adjuster for further instruction and plan to stay somewhere safe with a family member, friend, or hotel. Be sure to keep all receipts for temporary living space, gas, food, clothing, etc. Start preparing a home inventory of damaged personal property. Hold onto any damaged property until instructed otherwise by your claims adjuster.

  • When should I hire someone to start repairs?

    Hold off on major repairs until they are approved by your claims adjuster. We recommend hiring repair reputable Virginia-licensed and certified home contractors. Don't let something too good to be true cost you. Scammers will go door to door in hard-hit areas and neighborhoods offering debris removal or roof tarping services & ask for cash upfront. More often than not, you've paid, and they do not return. Protect yourself by getting a written agreement & discuss payment options after services are complete.

  • Who is liable when a tree falls on a neighbor's property in Virginia?

    When a tree falls and damages property, whose insurance pays? Boy, we get this question a lot, so we wrote about it. Generally, your damaged property is covered under your homeowners policy, even if someone else's tree causes the damage. There may be exceptions. The best thing is for you and your neighbor to report the damage to your insurance companies and allow adjusters to review the details.

  • Does my neighbor's insurance pay for repairs if their tree falls on my house? 

    Your insurance pays for damage to your property, even if the tree was rooted in your neighbor's yard. Report the damage and allow the adjusters to review the claim. Learn more.

  • I have extensive water damage to my home, including rot and mold. Is that covered?

    Deterioration, rot, and mold are indicative of a long-term leak in your home is considered to be a maintenance issue and are not covered. Water damage that occurred on the reported date of loss can be covered. Learn more

  • What is a Named Storm Deductible on my policy?

    A named storm deductible, also known as a hurricane deductible, is triggered when the National Weather Service (NWS) "names" a tropical storm or hurricane, and issues a hurricane watch or warning for any part of Virginia. This does not apply to a winter-named storm. Instead of the standard deductible on a related home claim, your responsibility would be the flat-named storm deductible or a percentage deductible of coverage A on your policy. Learn more: What is a Hurricane Deductible and How Do You Know If You Have One?

  • My home was affected by severe weather. What should I do?

    If you have been affected by the recent severe weather, your safety is the most important thing to us. We ask that you put the first aid and welfare of your family and neighbors first and your home insurance claim second. Be very careful around any storm damage or downed power lines. Contact emergency officials and your utility company right away if needed. Remember to never drive through flooded roads and stay away from floodwater. If you have damage to your home or property, take the following steps:

    • Shut off your home's main power or shut off your main water supply if needed. Have an electrician check the house before turning the power back on.
    • Take photos and videos before making minimal temporary repairs to prevent further damage.
    • If your home is unlivable, find safe shelter with a friend, family member, or hotel.
    • Contact your local independent agent to start your claim.
    • You may also report your claim on our 24/7 Claims Hotline (877-968-7252) or make an online claim from your online member account
    • Take wide and close-up photos and/or videos of any damage.
    • Document damage to your property using a home inventory checklist.
    • Keep all receipts for lodging, food, clothing, gas, and other necessities.
    • Discuss specific claim questions with your agent and claims adjuster.
    • If your car is flooded, call our 24/7/365 Roadside Assistance if needed (800-913-8847), take pictures, and report your comprehensive car insurance claim.





  • How do I pay my insurance bill online?

    You may pay your insurance bill for any policy by logging into your member portal account. You may also pay without logging in.

    1. Log into your Member Portal account.
    2. Click Make a Payment. (On mobile first tap on three blue lines in the top left corner)
    3. Select your policy from the list.
    4. Select the current amount due or the payoff amount.
    5. Select a payment method.
    6. Review your payment.
    7. Payment confirmation will display.
    8. For a printable receipt, go to Policy Details and then scroll to Documents.
  • How do I verify my online payment?

    1. Log into your Member Portal account.
    2. Click Policy Detail. (On mobile first tap on three blue lines in the top left corner)
    3. Select the policy.
    4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Documents.
    5. Next to Payment Receipt, select Download. 
    6. Print or download your receipt. 
  • What credit cards can I use to pay my bill?

    You may use a Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express debit or credit card to pay your bill. You may not use gift cards or other pre-paid cards.

  • Can I use my checking or savings account to pay my bill?

    Yes, you can make a one-time payment using your savings, personal checking, or business checking account to pay your bill.

  • Can I set up automatic payments for my insurance bill?

    Yes, you can sign up for Automatic Payments with your bank account, debit or credit card by calling your local agent or our Billing Team at 800-552-8660. Options for automated payments are Annual Full-Payment, 2-Payment, 4-Payment, or Monthly.

  • Can I make a payment on my account without logging in to the Member Portal?

    Yes, to make a payment without an account or without logging into your account:

    1. Click here and select Pay Bill at the bottom of the screen.
    2. Complete the form.
    3. Be sure to read and tick the box for the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement.
    4. Click Retrieve Bill.
    5. Select the payment amount.
    6. Select payment method – credit card or ACH (bank account).
      1. If using a credit card:
        • Verify and/or correct cardholder name and billing address
        • Enter card information and click the button to Save Card
        • Click button to Submit Payment for $###.##
      1.  If using a bank account for direct payment:
        1. Complete:
          • Routing Number
          • Account Number
          • Confirm Account Number
          • Last Name on Account
          • Account Type
        • Click the button to Review Payment.
        • Confirm Details and click the button to Submit payment for $###.##.

    9. Payment confirmation will display.

    10.  For a printable receipt, go to Policy Details and then scroll to Documents.

  • Can I set up electronic payments for future refunds or claim payments?

    1. Electronic claim payments can be made by a bank account transaction into your checking or savings account. This is set up by your adjuster during the claim process when you experience a loss.
      • If on an automated payment plan, refunds will be deposited by bank account (ACH) or Credit/Debit card depending on how your payments are set to withdraw.
      • If on a direct bill payment plan, we will refund overpayments by check.
    2. Refunds for overpaid premiums will be issued based on the current pay plan. 

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