Ways to Save on Insurance

Switch and save? Not so fast! You actually don't need to switch insurance companies to save money when you can simply shop for discounts within your current policy. Here at NNINS, we couldn't agree more with rewarding our members with lower rates for things like good driving records and multiple policies in one household. We also love to help our members save money on the unique risks Virginians face. We get it because we're Virginians too!

Bundle Insurance

We're all about looking at the big picture when it comes to the right coverage. Your family's insurance portfolio probably looks something like this: Car Insurance + Home Insurance or Renters Insurance, and maybe even Personal Umbrella Insurance or Cyber Protection. When you consider all your family's assets and insurance needs together, you can find just the right combination of protection. That's why we specially design our pricing to reward households with two or more policies.

When you purchase NNINS policies within 60 days of one another, you get:

  • A 25% discount on your Car Insurance with an existing homeowners policy.
  • An extra 10% off your Home Insurance or Renters Insurance with that auto policy.

You also qualify for an additional 5% credit for an Umbrella Insurance policy. Umbrella insurance can protect you with extra liability coverage for you and members of your family after your home, renters, and auto policy limits tap out, up to $1,000,000.

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Our Extras Save Money Too

One of our best opportunities comes when you add our Homeowners Enhancement Endorsement to your home insurance. For just an additional $45 in annual premium, this endorsement provides coverage for sinkhole damage, home sewer and drain back-up or sump pump failure, and earthquake damage; three extra protections you typically don't get with standard home insurance in Virginia. Here are a few more included coverages:

  • Debris removal up to $1000 for severe weather like derechos, tornadoes, and hurricanes in Virginia. Clean-up of one downed tree on average runs between $400 and $1000 in Virginia.
  • Replacement cost of ruined refrigerated food up to $500.
  • Credit card, fund transfer, and forgery protection up to $2,500.

If that's not enough digital protection for you in our connected world, check out our Cyber Protection for less yearly premium than a dinner out for the family. With NNINS Home Insurance, you pay only $40 annually for extra protection for identity theft and cyber extortion expenses, data breach costs, cyberbullying expenses, and legal reimbursement for cybercrimes against you and your family. 

Did you know Virginia often makes the list of top 10 worst states for deer collisions? We count deer collisions as no-fault claims to help our members save money in the fall when deer hits become much more challenging to avoid.This is just one more way we save you money on your car insurance.

Do you have a question about insurance rates and shopping? Check out our FAQ page for answers and other useful information!

Insurance Deductibles

Deductibles are your out-of-pocket costs when you have a claim. When you set higher deductibles, you pay more if you have a claim, but you save money by lowering your premium. Higher deductibles definitely require good financial planning and savings. You need to be prepared just in case you do need to pay that deductible. Without a claim, this can add up to real month-to-month savings and more money in your pocket throughout the year.

Insurance Discounts

We're all about providing generous savings to our members. We give discounts for new homes, protective devices like smoke detectors, deadbolts, and alarm systems and 5% off just for having a smoke-free home. We also show extra love to our most loyal members. After two years, you get 5% off when you renew your policy. That's a gift that keeps on giving every year you stay with NNINS!

Here’s one time you won't mind those birthday candles chasing you past 50! Our mature member discount gives you an extra 5% off your homeowners insurance and renters insurance premium. We also have a senior discount for drivers over 55 that complete an approved driver improvement course.  

That's not all for our Car Insurance discounts. Your policy could also qualify for discounts for a good student, anti-theft device, and safety equipment or Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). We also give discounts for multiple cars on one policy, which can really add up for big families.

Independent Insurance Agents Know Best

Your local independent insurance agent is your best resource for home and car insurance discounts. Think of them as your personal shopper. They have access to a whole network of insurance carriers rather than being limited to one insurer's options. They work for you by listening and searching far and wide for the best options tailored to your individual needs and wallet. They can also check into discounts for your new or current NNINS home insurance or car insurance policy. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity for expert advice and valuable savings!

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