Virginians Protecting Virginians

If you owned a home in the late 1800s, you lived in mortal fear of fire. Without firetrucks or running water, a stray spark or lightning strike could destroy your home and bankrupt your family.

In 1896, the people of Irvington recognized that the devastating risk posed by fire didn’t have to be borne alone. A group of 37 homeowners banded together to form the Northern Neck Mutual Fire Association of Virginia. By pooling their resources, these original members gained the ability to rebuild a home leveled by fire.

In the century that followed, membership in the Association expanded statewide, providing coverage for thousands of homes throughout the Commonwealth. In 1987, we changed our name to Northern Neck Insurance Company to reflect a growing list of insurance services.

For all of our success, we’re still a small company by the standards of today’s insurance industry. We are Virginia-only by choice. So when we say we are protecting our neighbors, friends and family – that’s exactly what we mean. We are still a mutual insurer, which means every policyholder is a part owner of the company. Instead of passing profits to shareholders, we invest them back into the company to create better products and keep premiums low for our members. 

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