Cyber Protection

Protected. In a connected world.

Cyber criminals are becoming more aggressive and their attacks more sophisticated. From email scams to cyber bullying, to identity theft and tax fraud, cyber threats are growing in size and complexity. 

Real-life risk scenarios:

  • A mom downloads an app to watch a movie. Half-way through the film, the laptop freezes and a screen appears demanding a ransom be paid in order to restore functionality.
  • A high school freshman is harassed by other students who post unflattering pictures of her on social media and tweet jokes at her expense. The parents repeatedly try to have the photos and tweets removed, but the student is forced to leave school due to the intimidation and emotional distress resulting from cyber bullying.

What's covered:

  • Identity Theft Expenses
  • Credit Card Fraud, Forgery, Wire Transfer Fraud
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Breach Notification Costs
  • Cyber Protection Legal Expense Reimbursement

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