US Postal Mail Delay for NNINS Members

We are processing all the mail we receive each day.  The US Postal Service may have delayed your premium payment.  Please do not resend another payment or ask your mortgage company to do so.  If you receive a cancellation notice please contact us at (800)552-8660 and we will address your policy with a 30 day hold.  

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Northern Neck Insurance is represented throughout Virginia by a network of independent insurance agents. We know there's more to insurance than grabbing quotes.

Here’s what you get when you speak with an Independent Agent:

Personalized service
Your agent takes the time to listen to your needs and makes sure you have the right coverage at the right price. If you have questions or need advice, they have answers.

Local service
Feel comfortable finding someone you can trust that lives in the same community or close-by. Chances are, you may even have mutual friends or know some of the same people.

Personal claims help
When the unexpected happens, rest easy knowing that your local agent is a phone call and short drive away.

Your agent can help save you money by bundling your home insurance, car insurance, and other coverages under one company.

Let us help you connect today. Just enter your zip code below and instantly see the experts in your neck of the woods.