Why Become a Northern Neck Agent

We’re a small company. That’s a big deal for independent agents.  Here are three reasons why. 

Real Partnerships

We view insurance a little differently. We know that how you do business is as important as what you do. For independent agents, that means better coverages at a better value and truly personalized service. For policyholders, it means one thing: we deliver. That’s how we’ve done business for nearly 120 years, and it’s how we’ll work with you and your clients every day.

Virginia Insurance

After more than a century in business, we know what Virginia property owners value most about insurance. They want broad coverages that protect the value of their assets. They want fast, dependable service. And they want good value. So when you work with Northern Neck, you’ll find:

  • Broader coverages come standard, enhanced coverages available
  • Proven expertise in Virginia properties
  • Aggressive discounts for auto and home packages

Honest Service (for real)

Everyone talks about service but few truly deliver. When you call us during business hours, you get a real live human being (and a friendly one, at that). When you ask questions, we give you straight answers. If you leave a message, we respond ASAP. Good service isn’t rocket science. It’s good manners … and good business.

Ready to learn more? Contact us at: 804-438-6611.

Why Become

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