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  • What is an independent insurance agent?

    Northern Neck Insurance is represented throughout Virginia by a network of independent insurance agents. Independent agents are brokers who are not employed by any specific insurance carrier. Independent agents can sell insurance policies from multiple companies and are paid on commission. We only sell our insurance products through our local independent agent partners. We always get the question: why can't I buy an insurance policy directly from you? The short answer is that we know there's more to insurance than grabbing 15-minute quotes. We have a long answer too. And you can find one for yourself and see the proof!

  • Why is Northern Neck Insurance taking pictures of my house?

    Home insurance protects you financially from all kinds of potential damage and liability. This process sometimes requires a home insurance provider to inspect and take pictures of your home. Your participation in the process can help ensure you have adequate coverage, minimize your liability and risk, and help you make smoother claims. We can explain why and how you can upload your own pictures on our Member Portal.

  • Do I need Earthquake Insurance in Virginia?

    Surprisingly, the Commonwealth has averaged one earthquake per month since 1977. Thankfully, the majority are too small to feel or cause damage. Is it worth it? That may depend on where you live. Most seismic activity in Virginia is centered in two zones: one stretching from the Richmond area to Charlottesville and another in the New River Valley in Giles County. And there are always exceptions, like the 2011 earthquake in Louisa, Virginia. That 4.5 quake left an estimated $200 to $300 million in damage in the US. The good news is that earthquake coverage is included in our broadest home insurance product.

  • Is Renters Insurance required in Virginia?

    You do not have to have Renters Insurance in Virginia. But you will find many property owners require it when you sign a new lease. Even if they don't, consider the advantages of Renters Insurance. Every dollar counts, so Renters Insurance should be a no-brainer for most people. For pennies a day, you protect yourself against theft, fire, and liability losses that could quickly run into thousands of dollars. It also protects you and your stuff, not your apartment, so things like your laptop are protected when you travel!

  • Should I buy a house without an inspection?

    The current housing market has precipitated a new trend of skipping the home inspection process to compete with other buyers. If you waive your right to a home inspection on a home purchase, you are not thoroughly investigating the home. You could be blindly purchasing one of the most significant financial investments of your life with a slew of expensive problems and endless repair bills. Learn a lot more from our blog articles on the risk of waiving a home inspection and buying a house as-is!


  • Where is Northern Neck Insurance available?

    We only insure in the state of Virginia by choice. We offer personal coverage throughout the commonwealth with the help of Virginia’s best independent insurance agents. Our local roots are complemented by the fact that our company is owned by and operated for the benefit of our members and fellow Virginians. We believe that our community-based mutual business model elevates us above other insurance companies.  Everyone in the Northern Neck family – members, agents, and staff – has a need for the products and services we provide so we put extra care into everything we do. Our primary motivation is caring for our Virginia neighbors, not shareholder profits.

  • Why does my insurance keep increasing when I haven't had any accidents, tickets, or a home claim?

    We understand that premium increases are frustrating. We encourage you to contact your local independent agent to determine the cause and check to see if anything can be done to lower your premium. We also encourage you to read more about what’s affecting car insurance rates and what’s affecting home insurance rates.

  • What factors does Northern Neck Insurance consider for my property or home insurance?

    • Geographic location and correlating risk
    • Construction details
    • Age of insured
    • Age of your home
  • What does Northern Neck insurance consider when determining my rate for car insurance?

    • Age
    • Driving experience
    • Car make and model
    • How your car is used on a daily basis
    • Driving history
    • Claims history
    • Geographic location
    • Credit history
  • How can I save money on my home and car insurance?

    We have smart ways to save on your insurance. It’s important to recognize when it makes sense to review your coverage for savings and when cheap insurance is not the best idea. Talk with your home insurance agent to discuss how to save money on your home insurance rates.

  • How do you calculate the cost of a Northern Neck homeowners policy?

    Homeowner premiums are calculated individually for each policyholder and are based on a number of different factors, including the age, value, condition, and construction quality of your home, as well as your insurance history, previous claims and more.

    Here are things that could affect your homeowners price:

    • The more coverage you add, the higher your premium.
    • The higher deductible you choose, the lower the premium, and the higher your out-of-pocket for a claim.
    • Better-maintained homes in localities with municipal fire services cost less to insure.
    • Insurance history and claims will increase your price and may even prevent us from being able to cover you.
    • Protective devices such as deadbolts, burglar alarms, and smoke alarms will get you a discount.
    • Bundling with other Northern Neck Insurance products, such as auto insurance, will get you a generous discount.
    • Paying your auto insurance premium in full annually will reduce your premium. 


  • Can I switch to Northern Neck if I already have an active homeowners insurance policy?

    Yes, you can, and your local agent can advise you. You can request that your prior policy be canceled on or after your new policy's effective date. This prevents any lapses in coverage. If you have an escrow account, you must inform your lender that you're switching home insurers. You may also receive a refund check from your prior homeowners insurance company if you cancel your policy before it expires, reimbursing you for the coverage you already paid for.

  • Should I bundle home and auto insurance?

    Bundling insurance products is one of the best ways to save money when buying personal property insurance. When you consider all your family's assets and insurance needs together, you can find just the right combination of protection. That's why we specially designed our pricing to reward households with two or more policies. When you get a quote and purchase NNINS policies within 60 days of one another, you get the following:

    • A 25% discount on your Car Insurance with an existing homeowners policy.
    • An extra 10% off your Home Insurance or Renters Insurance with that auto policy.

    You also qualify for an additional 5% credit for an Umbrella Insurance policy. Umbrella insurance can protect you with extra liability coverage for you and family members after your home, renters, and auto policy limits tap out, up to $1,000,000.

  • You say you have great prices- why did I get a quote that's higher than my old insurer?

    When we say we have great prices, we mean it. While our Virginia insurance prices tend to be lower than many other insurance companies, that won’t always be the case. That’s especially true when it comes to stand-alone auto insurance. Insurers use different models and data sets to establish prices, and on occasion, our rates will be higher than those of another insurer. It may be complicated, but that’s the way statistics and insurance works. The good news is we have really great ways to save. We give up to a 25% discount just for bundling home and auto insurance!

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