Homeowners Insurance FAQ

  • What coverages are included in my home insurance policy?

    A few standard coverage types come with our home insurance policy. Here's a breakdown of each type and what they include:

    • Dwelling—This coverage protects the structure of your home and pays for the costs to rebuild or repair it after a covered peril. The dwelling coverage limit is typically equal to your home's estimated value.
    • Other structures—This covers the costs of rebuilding or repairing extra structures or buildings on your property separate from your house, such as a fence or storage shed.
    • Personal property—This covers your belongings if they get stolen, damaged, or vandalized. You can also choose between replacement cost coverage, which replaces your items for new ones, or actual cash value coverage, which offers money during a claim for the depreciated value of your items.
    • Loss of use —This coverage protects you if you are displaced from your home after a covered event, such as a fire or natural disaster. Hotel fees and other living expenses can quickly add up to thousands of dollars, and this coverage pays for those expenses while your home is being repaired or rebuilt.
    • Personal liability—Personal liability claims pay for legal fees or medical bills that arise when you are responsible for an accident or injury to someone else on your property.
    • Medical payments to others—If someone gets injured on your property and you're not at fault, we can pay their medical costs up to the policy limit.
    • Homeowners Enhancement Endorsement—For a nominal annual fee with our superior Homeowners product, you add coverages for:
      • Credit card, fund transfer card, forgery, and counterfeit money (increased limit up to $2500)
      • Earthquake damage, sinkhole collapse, special debris removal coverage, loss caused by water that backs up through sewers or drains (personal property sub-limit of $25,000 applies)
      • Refrigerated property damage
      • Personal injury
      • An additional $1000 in medical payments to others
      • Ordinance or law: coverage for the increased costs known or estimated by the insured for materials and labor to repair or replace the damaged property, demolish the undamaged portion of damaged property, and clear the site of resulting debris according to the ordinance or law.
      • Most of our add-on coverages too
  • What kinds of things are not covered under a Northern Neck home insurance policy?

    Standard home insurance does not cover every single thing that can happen and that actually keeps your premium down. Standard homeowners policies do not cover things like your power, water, or heat and A/C going out, a bug infestation, flooding, or damage from lack of home maintenance. Mistakenly lost or broken personal property is not covered either.

  • How does home insurance cover hurricane damage?

    Your home insurance coverage can cover damage to your home and personal belongings from wind, water damage, tornadoes, lightning, trees, and hail. Hurricanes are considered "named storms." You may have a named storm deductible for a claim. That information is located on your policy documents.

  • How do I change my home insurance or car insurance coverage?

    Please contact your agent to request changes to your insurance coverage.

  • Does a homeowners policy cover flood damage?

    No, standard homeowners policy excludes flood coverage. We do offer Inland Flood Coverage for homeowners and renters who may not be in a high-risk flood zone but who could experience flash floods or other unexpected sudden flooding. Learn more about the difference between flood insurance and Inland Flood Coverage. Standard Home Insurance can pay for water damage to your home from a hurricane if it results from sudden damage such as a tree falling on your house. 

  • I lost my wedding ring. Is that covered by my homeowners insurance?

    Home insurance will cover your jewelry in some cases, but not in all. Learn more.

  • Do you have any other coverages I can add to my home insurance policy?

    We have a variety of affordable add-on home insurance coverages:

      • Personal Property Replacement Cost
      • Cyber Protection
      • Equipment Breakdown Coverage
      • Extended Replacement Cost Endorsement
      • Personal Property Replacement Cost Endorsement
      • *Service Line Coverage
      • *Inland Flood- coverage applies to the dwelling, contents, basement personal property, and loss of use. Specific limits apply.

    *Not included in Homeowners Enhancement Endorsement

  • Is my significant other or partner covered under my Northern Neck homeowners policy?

    Yes, if you’re living with your significant other, we recommend adding their name to your policy. Beyond adding their name, make sure you update your Personal Property coverage to include the stuff they keep in your home as well.

  • Why did my homeowners insurance go up?

    Homeowners insurance goes up for many reasons. Policy details, such as deductibles and limits affect your rate, as well as factors about your home. Those factors include location, age and construction materials, size, condition, age, proximity to water. Learn more.

  • Is condo insurance the same as homeowners insurance?

    The main difference between condo insurance and homeowners insurance is how much property you’re financially responsible for protecting. A condo unit doesn’t need nearly the same amount of structural coverage as a single-family home. Home insurance covers the structure, the land on which it sits, and everything inside the home, whereas condo insurance only covers what your association’s master policy does or doesn’t already cover. 

  • Can I find out if a claim is going to be covered before I file one?

    The best thing to do to ask your local agent for advice on whether or not to file a claim. Even then, it is very difficult for your insurance agent or insurance company to know for sure how the claim will work out due to the variables that differ with each scenario. You can plan best by being sure to have adequate emergency funds available in case you decide not to file, and to cover deductibles when a claim makes sense.

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