Other Coverages

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Protecting you and your assets.

You own a home and have built a financial foundation for the future. You want to keep those assets safe. Unfortunately, we live in a world where liability claims and medical settlements can cost millions of dollars. Umbrella coverage protects you against major claims that extend beyond your standard homeowner or auto coverages — protecting your hard-won assets.

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Cyber Protection

Protected. In a connected world.

Cyber criminals are becoming more aggressive and their attacks more sophisticated. From email scams to cyber bullying, to identity theft and tax fraud, cyber threats are growing in size and complexity. 

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Renters Insurance

Protect the stuff you love. Wherever it goes.

When you rent, your personal belongings aren’t covered by your landlord’s insurance. But for a few dollars a day, you can protect yourself against theft, fire and certain damage. We’ll pay to replace or repair the lost or damaged items. Better yet, our coverage follows your stuff wherever it goes, whether it’s in your car or in a hotel halfway around the world. 

Plus, you’re covered for liability. So if a guest is injured in your apartment, you’re covered up to your liability and medical limits.

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Equipment Breakdown

Comfort. Security. Convenience.

Today’s homes run a lot of equipment. That means more risk of breakdown. But most homeowner policies don’t cover critical home equipment breakdowns, so you’re on the hook if something goes wrong.

Real-life breakdown scenarios:

  • The compressor in your HVAC system seizes due to mechanical failure.
  • Your sump pump suffers an electrical malfunction while pumping water out from your basement.
  • Your permanently installed emergency generator suffers sudden mechanical or electrical breakdown.

Service Line Coverage

Now, your protection runs deep.

Did you know exterior underground service utility lines that run between your house and the street are the responsibility of the homeowner? Damage caused by a service line failure can cost thousands of dollars, yet it’s not covered by a typical homeowners insurance policy. With Service Line Coverage, you can protect yourself from this potentially costly insurance gap.

Real-life service line failure scenarios:

  • Temperature drops during the winter and your water supply line ruptures.
  • Tree roots penetrate a utility line and physically damage it.

Service Line Coverage gives you an additional layer of protection beyond repairing the physically damaged service line. Excavation costs and repair to outdoor property like lawn, shrubs and driveways are also covered, in addition to loss of use.