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We Insure Virginia Homes

We are a "Virginia Only" mutual insurance company. We insure responsible homeowners, landlords and renters against loss, harm and liability all across the state of Virginia. We don't just insure homes; we also insure automobiles, personal possessions, such as boats, personal liability and even identities.

We provide comprehensive, competitively priced insurance and best-in class service.

As a mutual insurance company we have no shareholders. Instead our policyholders share in the ownership of our company.

For more information on how a mutual insurance company works see the About Us/History tab.

To learn how to obtain a quote, see the Contact Us tab.

Why Northern Neck Insurance?

Fast, face-to-face claims service

When you need us most - we are there settling your claims before most companies show up!

  • We have independent agents to serve you in 168 locations throughout Virginia.
  • Customer discounts for multi-policies, mature homeowners, loss free drivers and more
  • Because we serve Virginians only, we know how to respond to the particular perils our neighbors fear and face most.
  • Our after-hours claims hotline is manned 24/7/365.


During Regular Business Hours: CALL YOUR AGENT

AFTER HOURS, Weekends, or during a CATASTROPHE: 877-968-7252

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