We Stand Together.

Over the past several days, the country has begun the work of confronting systemic racism. We are inclusive at NNINS, but that is not enough. We must be intentional, bold, and brave in eliminating racism from our communities. We start where we are, and this is what we know. Racism and discrimination have no place in our communities or the NNINS family. 

To our NNINS community: 

We will engage.

We will move forward by listening and learning from each other. We will implement training and education to ensure the ethos of our work culture is proactively built between equity and inclusivity. 

We will be part of the solution.

We will stand in solidarity with our coworkers, partners, and community members, as well as all people of color, as we work together for justice and equality across the commonwealth and beyond. We will speak up and build bridges wherever we can to create communities that are safe and welcoming for all people. This is our work.  

Please join us.