It’s Getting Hot! Is Your Home's A/C Up To The Job?

It's hot, it's cold! Virginia’s spring weather can be fickle! But we're getting our first real taste of summer this week and the Commonwealth's notoriously hot, humid weather. You know those temperatures that work our air conditioners on overtime. They can also turn into expensive problems for Virginians and their A/C systems.

We see damage from poorly maintained A/C systems every summer. Did you know you can easily avoid costly damage with a phone call and about $85 annually? That’s a whole lot better than our average damage claim of around $1,500 from failed air conditioner. It’s as easy and inexpensive as that.

I just had my unit serviced and here are 3 reasons you should too:

1. A professional will make sure your system is running at optimal efficiency and catch small problems before they become big ones. 

This not only saves you all season long on your utility bills but can also avoid a more expensive repair and damage down the road. My technician let me know I was using furnace filters that were too dense for the age of my system, putting an unhealthy strain on the condenser. 

2. Putting off an imminent repair is likely to come back to haunt you in the middle of summer. 

That’s when sizzling temperatures are peaking, your system is straining to keep up, and everyone (including your family) is desperate for service. Even worse- you’re on vacation. Emergency and after-hour repair services are super expensive. 

This next one causes all the costly damage!

3. A pro will clean out the ever-important condensation or drain line. 

Clogged condensate drain lines result in drainage backups and overflows, causing costly water damage in and around your A/C unit. Technicians have specialized equipment that force air through the tube, blowing out all that nasty buildup. 

One hour and less than $100 bucks is worth avoiding messy damage from a simple clog! Oh- now is also a good time to summer-ize those heating heroes that kept you warm all winter. DIY or have a licensed pro do a final cleaning and inspection of your wood stove and fireplace! Then you’ll not only be cool for the summer, you’ll also be ahead for another Virginia winter.

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