4 Simple Outdoor Home Winterizers

Nancy Buechler- marketing

It's super windy on this late fall day in Stafford, Virginia. And that chilly wind is doing a good job of blowing the majority of leaves off the trees. I can actually feel a teensy draft sitting near a window in my house. That brings us to some last minute things to shore up outside before Old Man Winter’s first lasting freeze. Let’s keep your home protected from the elements and keep the utility bill down to boot! Try our 4 simple outdoor winterizers:

1. Protect those hose bibs

Detach your hose, store it in the garage or basement, turn off the main water supply to the outside, and finish by completely opening your faucet. ( Don’t miss this important step!)    

2. Double check your gutters and trees

You can go back and read our blog post on gutters if you’re starting from scratch here, but even so, it’s a good idea to make sure those water herding heroes are still clear of large debris and falling leaves. Be sure to prepare your trees. Eyeball any dead limbs or overhanging branches that could turn into potential problems after a heavy snow or ice storm.

3. Insulate the pipes

Water pipes in homes located in Virginia are more susceptible to freezing. Southern homes can have plumbing running though unheated areas and need to be protected from freezing. Frozen pipes can burst, resulting in major water damage and costly repairs. Inexpensive pipe sleeves will do the trick, are super easy to snap on and will prevent a costly leak.

4. Seal up the gaps

A good exterior rated caulk can easily seal up any heat-stealing cracks around windows and doors outside. And remember, we’re not the only ones that want to be safe and snug this winter. Mice like to squeeze into warm spaces and all they need is a hole the size of a dime! Pay special attention to gaps around pipes, wires, and duct work entering your home.

Next, check inside around doors and windows by looking for cracks of light and feeling for cool air. Those spots can be easily sealed by a good weather stripping. Check your rubber sweeps under your exterior doors and replace them if needed.

That about wraps up the outside. It feels good to be all tucked in! Next up, moving on to the inside means getting things cozy and warm just in time for the holidays. 



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