It's Insurance Awareness Day!

There's a day for everything! June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day and this one is actually quite useful. It was created to remind people to have an annual insurance check up. Life happens and things change, and those changes can have a real impact on your insurance needs. You may be underinsured or you may even be able to save a little money. The key is to make sure your protected from major financial loss. So give your independent agent a call and have a chat.

Here are a few things your agent might ask you:

  • Have you purchased or inherited any art, jewelry, or other highly valuable items in your home?
  • Did you get a new roof?
  • Do you have a home inventory?
  • Have you added onto your home or had a renovation that added value to your home?
  • Are there any new discounts that may apply to you?
  • What isn't covered under your plan?
  • Should you consider flood insurance if you don't already have it?
On the lighter side, when life happens, sometimes it's cathardic to just have a good laugh. In that spirit: 

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