How Can I Tell If My Roof Has Hail Damage?

Virginia can probably safely say winter is finally behind us! But that's doesn't mean we won't still see some ice. Tornado and severe weather season is here and that means hail storms are likely. Hail is an equal opportunity destroyer, nearly impossible to prevent, and usually the damage is clear. But it's important to know when it causes hidden damage to your home. 

Hail damage to the vinyl siding on my Stafford, Virginia home. March 2017

Last March, parts of Virginia experienced fierce storms that unleashed 60 mph wind gusts and this type of damaging hail. Here in Stafford, the winds blew large jawbreaker size hail completely horizontal and straight into our home denting our air conditioning units, shredding window screens, punching holes across our vinyl siding, and sending roof shingles flying around the yard. It sounded and felt like the polar express was roaring past us! I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. 

After my husband and I took pictures and filed an insurance claim, we wondered about the extent of our roof damage. So I asked the experts here at NNINS to help us with some of our questions. They knew exactly how hail can damage a roof and I’m sharing this good-to-know insider information! Here’s what we found out:

How can I tell if the roof was damaged?

What are the most common types of damage?

Can several individual shingles be replaced or should the entire roof be replaced?

It sure is good to be informed! One more tip:

After the storm we were inundated with door-to-door roof repair solicitations and politely sent them away. Listen, if these guys were as good as they claim to be, they wouldn't need to be chasing down business. Don’t enlist the help of a drive-by roof/home repair contractor. Instead, rely on a referral from a friend or family member or sound online reviews. We found a local licensed and bonded roofing contractor with excellent reviews online and what a peace of mind that provided!

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