Home Prep for Virginia Winters Made Simple

Virginia is said to have a “goldilocks climate”- not too hot, not too cold. And we have had some really nice weather so far this fall. But don’t get too comfortable. The frozen morning dew is beginning to crunch under foot. Brrrrr! You are definitely headed indoors so your home needs to be safe and snug! 

Winter is show time for your heating systems!

And that equipment is a leading cause of home fires. Did you know in 2014, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated 367,500 house structure fires? The majority of those occur in December, January and February. 

We know from decades of experience here at NNINS that fire loss is the most costly of insurance claims. The good news is it’s also the most avoidable. Common reasons for home fires are dirty chimneys and defective woodstoves and fireplaces. No problem.

Our guides will get your heating systems in tip-top shape. Here’s a little teaser:

So stay tuned. We'll start with a bit of final outdoor prep and shore up the nooks and crannies inside. Then we'll make sure your furnace and other heating equipment are ready to keep your family safe and toasty. We'll also show you the best ways to keep your home's air healthy for the whole family. 

Come January, you’ll be whipping up a big batch Williamsburg hot cocoa and enjoying your winter with warm and protected peace of mind!assets/uploads/dreamstime_xs_27722198.jpg

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