Our Top Ten Most Popular Posts of 2016

We made a huge effort at engaging with our members on social media this past year. It's been both a learning process and a bunch of fun. We have a great team here at Northern Neck Insurance that make this collaborative effort a success. We wanted to celebrate by sharing what posts were most popular with our followers just in case you missed them. 

#10: How to Escape If You Get Trapped in a Sinking Car

Well, there is a lot of water in and around Virginia. Maybe Virginia's Robert O. Norris bridge had something to do with this post's popularity. Whatever the draw, this is good information that you hope you never need, but glad you have!

#9: Should I Purchase an Umbrella Policy?

This post must have been super helpful to those wondering about the value behind umbrella policies. Glad we could help! It provides protection in excess of the other policies' limits. We suggest buying it in an amount that equals your net worth, or more. Speak with your independent agent or financial advisor for guidance on how big of an umbrella policy you should get.

#8: Time For Another Cicada Invasion!

We got a few "Ewwws" on this one. This summer, after 17 years of subterranean dwelling, 1.5 million Cicadas (that's per acre) descended on Virginia. Somehow we survived the deafening noise and mess. Double eww! At least we won't have to worry about their return for another 17 years!

#7: Virginia Ride-Sharing Laws and Insurance 

This little ditty gave a great explanation on the insurance implications of Virginia's new ride sharing laws. We hope it was helpful information for any of our Northern VA sluggers and  professionals in the ride sharing industry. 

#6: Extreme Heat in Virginia!

This post was popular back in mid-July. It won't be long before we're buying out all the bread and milk and wishing for summer temps like these! 

#5: Remember the Pokémon Go Craze?

We're sure we weren't the only ones that got a little nervous about driving safety and this pop culture epidemic that took over our Virginia communities and the rest of the world. Then we started catching our own Charizards and joined in the fun!

#4 : Virginia's Amazing Local Food

All of our posts about Virginia's local restaurants did well this year, but this one took top seat. This post may be your bucket list dining guide for 2017 if you haven't seen it yet.

#3: Virginia's New 2016 Laws

Whether you learned it's now illegal to smoke in a car with anyone under the age of 8 or that the garter is now the official Virginia state snake, this post was a hit! Get up to speed with Virginia's new state laws if you missed it.

#2: Tacky Christmas Sweater Day at NNINS

Although we didn't have a ton of staff members don their ugly sweaters for a day at the office, this post made our top 10. That should make these proud participants feel pretty special! You guys rock!

#1: The Mannequin Challenge at our Warrenton Agent Event 

Planking is so 2010, and we had the Ice Bucket Challenge two years ago. Now it's the Mannequin Challenge. By global internet standards this may have been no big deal, but for NNINS, this video went "viral" and was by far our most popular post of 2016. We did have some explaining to do as to why an agent was punching one of our underwriters, but boy did we have a great time! Special thanks goes out to a couple of special agents at our event that gave us the idea and all of our agents for joining the fun! 

We hope enjoyed our top 10 countdown and you'll join us in 2017 for another great year on NNINS social media. If you don't already, you can "like" us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.  Happy New Year!

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