Welcome to Hurricane Season

Virginia sits just north of hurricane alley – the band of warm water in the Atlantic that spawns some of earth’s most ferocious storms. There are two big reasons why we’re extra focused on hurricane preparedness in 2015.

  1. Warmer Oceans – The Atlantic’s surface is warming and many climatologists predict that tropical storms will intensify as a result. Hurricanes form over warm water as moisture rises into the colder atmosphere above. This is important for Virginia because most of our hurricane damage comes from rain and wind, not direct coastal hits. Stronger storms can wreak major havoc even if they stay offshore.
  2. Lady Luck – The last major storm to affect Virginia was Irene in 2011, when heavy winds and rain caused significant damage from eastern Virginia inland to Richmond. It’s worth noting that the Blue Ridge and Piedmont regions have not experienced a major hurricane in a decade. Not that we're superstitious, but ... 

Preparation Tips

Preparing for a hurricane doesn’t take long, but it’s something all Virginians should do. There are several online resources that have all the information you need. Start with this checklist for preparing your home. You should also follow these instructions for an emergency supply kit so ensure you’re not caught off guard if a storm strikes. Also, don’t forget about your pets.

Staying Informed

There are many weather apps that can keep you up to date on the latest. If you have an Apple device, STORM is a powerful free app for tracking severe weather. Weather Underground also offers highly localized forecasts and weather tracking, available for both IOS and Android devices. 

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