Ready to Rumble? Earthquakes an annual event in Virginia.

The devastating earthquakes in Nepal are a sharp reminder that we live in a uncertain world. Virginia is not immune to seismic activity, and yet most homeowners don't have coverage against earthquake damage.

Mineral Virginia Earthquake

According to Virginia Tech, the Commonwealth has averaged one earthquake per month since 1977, but the majority are too small to be felt. Nevertheless, we've averaged two detectable quakes per year during that period, including a 3.2 magnitude one near Mineral in March of this year. Residents in Southwestern Virginia should also be aware that eastern Tennessee is now ranked among the most active earthquake regions in the country.  

For most Virginia homeowners, earthquake coverage is not usually included in your homeowners policy. The exception is Northern Neck's Superior Coverage, which includes an earthquake rider. The good news is that adding earthquake insurance is easy and affordable. To learn more, you can contact us at 800.552.8660.

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